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Announcing a new fork schedule for Bitcoin Ore

As previously announced, the main chain for Bitcoin Ore’s groundbreaking Proof of Capacity mining system will come into operation on January 28th 2018. From this date, mining will once again be open to all.

Taking into consideration the requirements exchanges have regarding the operational stability of the main chain, we have decided to wait for the main chain to become fully stable before initiating the fork. In addition, we will carefully consider which technology to use as the basis of Bitcoin Ore. In addition to classic Bitcoin we are also looking at United Bitcoin (UBTC), which is a strong alternative. We plan to announce full details of which solution we will use and the exact time of forking approximately one week before the January 28th scheduled fork.

As of December 30th, we had agreements with zb.com, aex.com, exx.com, and lbank.info regarding the issuing of Bitcoin Ore at the fork. In order to fulfil these agreements, the Bitcoin Ore main chain will issue Bitcoin Ore to users of these four exchanges at block height of 501949. Bitcoin Ore will be issued at a ratio of 1:1 for those holding Bitcoin at that time (excluding the overlap between now and January 28th)

We’d like to thank you all for your support of Bitcoin Ore so far. We are only at the beginning of our mission to make Bitcoin mining available to all again, and we are certain that Proof of Capacity is the future and will replace Proof of Work in time. We look forward to your continued support and the birth of a better Bitcoin!

Bitcoin Ore Team
2017/12/31 13:52 GMT (Bitcoin Block Height at 501892)

About BCO

The advantages of Bitcoin Ore(BCO) are..


Users can employ unused hard disk capacity to mine Bitcoins without the need for expensive mining rigs and other specialized hardware.


Traditional mining hardware is energy intensive, noisy, produces a lot of heat, and is becoming increasingly specialized, moving beyond the means of ordinary people. With Bitcoin Ore, mining is simple and accessible.


Currently, the amount of energy expended globally in POW mining is greater than the total energy output of 159 countries. The development of digital currencies shouldn’t have to be built on the wasting of resources. With Bitcoin Ore, POW calculations can be completed with a minimum of computing and energy resources.


POC (Proof of Capacity) scans are only performed once every few minutes. For the rest of the time the hard disk is on stand-by with negligible power usage, greatly reducing energy costs.


POW-based mining is all about raw computing power and energy output, whereas Bitcoin Ore's POC-based mining is far more energy efficient and returns to Satoshi Nakamoto’s original ideal that mining would be decentralized and performed by ordinary people.


Proof of Capacity also does not place any demand on hard disk write speeds. Currently, mining rigs make use of solid state hard disks, which have fast write speeds but are extremely expensive. With Bitcoin Ore you can use cheaper mechanical drives, as all that matters is capacity.


Bitcoin Ore will add support for large block sizes and zero-knowledge proofs, among other features.


We hope to make the mining cheaper and less wasteful, taking mining back to a time when anybody could mine.

A low-cost, environmentally friendly POC method that takes the advantage away from expensive ASICs

Based on Proof of Capacity technology, making mining accessible to all

Returns to Satoshi Nakamoto's original ideal of decentralized mining that anyone can participate in

Support for large block sizes and zero-knowledge proofs


Dec. 31st 2017

Fork to take place at a block height of 501949.

Jan. 15th 2018

Bitcoin Ore Wallet will be temporarily released.

Mar. 1st 2018

Proof of Capacity consensus mechanism to go online, shifting Bitcoin mining from POW to POC.

Sep. 8th 2018

Zero-knowledge proofs added.

Dec. 8th 2018

Dynamic checkpoint protection removed.

Bitcoin Ore fork rules 1BTC:1BCO
Dec. 31st
Fork at block height 501949
Owners of BTC at the time get equivalent number of BCO
Total supply 21,000,000
Mining method Proof of Capacity (POC)
Technical parameters (TBC) Block size: 8MB
Block generation rate: 5 minutes
Difficulty adjustment: 2 weeks
Replay attack: 2-way protection
Volunteer benefits After the snapshot, the temporary client will generate 16800 blocks. These will ensure circulation, and after this, the client will freeze and will not produce any further blocks. The income from these 16800 blocks goes into a fund to reward the early developers, to invest in further development, and for the upkeep of the fund. This is considered a voluntary donation from community volunteers (miners). Those who do not wish to support Bitcoin Ore in this way should refrain from mining. After this phase, the regular wallet will go online and mining will change to POC.



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